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The Canadian solution for custom engraving needs.

Since 1986 we have been building our business and friendships. We specialize in industrial and commercial engraving and identification and have products for almost every application. From custom heat shrink wire markers and stencils to lamacoid nameplates and cable tags. We work with stainless steel, plastic, aluminum and brass. And, we are fast: You will receive the work you requested when you requested it.

Now you’re asking yourself ‘How can this be?’ ‘Sounds too good to be true?’ (insert head scratching motion here)

The work is done in Edmonton by well-treated, well-paid people. So they bust their chops like rock stars and you get the job you wanted on time and in pristine condition.

Our receptionist is bored because no one calls to complain. It’s all “thanks for the great work, we’ll be calling you again shortly.” and she is like yawn, yawn, yawn, tell me something I haven’t heard already The only thing she gets filed is her nails!

All kidding aside, we are satisfied and proud of the work we do and are confident you will be as well.

There is a reason our business is growing on the strength of referrals, it’s not the website or that little peeing dog in the corner of your screen!

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The Canadian Solution for Custom Engraving Needs